Accreditation Programs -National Association of Boards of Pharmacy is a professional union of the state boards of pharmacy, which are responsible for licensing pharmacists and pharmacies in the USA. The NABP developed the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program after consumers complained to state pharmacy boards about rogue websites posing as legitimate pharmacies. Online pharmacies with emblem VIPPS  carefully checked by NABP for conformance with state standards. NABP has developed a program of proven online pharmacies .Verified Pharmacy Websites that ensures the use .pharmacy domain to secure and legal sites. Here you can find .Pharmacy Verified Websites List . The selection of pharmacies for the VIPPS National Association of Boards of Pharmacy program is carried out jointly with the FDA. Only American pharmacies can place the VIPPS logo on their websites. Foreign pharmacies can enter the program .Pharmacy.  – Canadian International Pharmacy Association of licensed, retail pharmacies. CIPA was founded more than 16 years ago and is designed to provide patients with access to quality prescription drugs at cheaper prices than in the US. On the you can check the website of any online pharmacy for authenticity. Currently, only 66 pharmacies are full members of CIPA. Each certified pharmacy meets the highest standards of reliability and safety. Read more about checking the CIPA certification mark here. CIPA believes that everyone around the world has a fundamental human right to affordable medicines to protect their health.  it is one of the leading organizations that monitors and informs about the illegal sale of medicines.

If the domain registrar receives information about such a site, it will ask the domain owner to provide a copy of the trade authorization for such substances. If such permission is not granted, it will be forced to block the domain name.

Before to call any malicious domain three analysts from the company LegitScript check domain according to the following criteria:

  • the domain is used primarily or exclusively for the sale of prescription drugs/medicines;
  • prescription drugs are sold without requiring a prescription;
  • the jurisdiction of the country to which the drugs are sent requires a special license.

The second point is the most important. This clearly indicates the illegality of the content, as it is prohibited in all countries.

If the documents are submitted, they will be sent to LegitScript for review. Domain blocking occurs only if official permits are not provided within the required period.

In 2016, LegitScript worked very productively with domain registrars. As a result of this cooperation, 30,000 illegal Internet pharmacies have been closed. Domain blocking is only a part of measures aimed at combating criminal activity on the Internet. LegitScript also works with payment services, major search engines and leading e-Commerce players to identify violators and protect public order.